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Sunday, 20 October 2013

She said “Thank You”?! She shouldn’t!

So yesterday I had some personal matters to be settled in Shah Alam. Since I was there, I brought umi to a hijab boutique with an excuse I’m looking for mine. Lol. Tipu sunat takpe =P 

Truthfully. That was the first time I imagined myself as a career lady. Though it wasn’t a bling bling high class hijab, we never bought hijabs from boutiques with names before. Being the one who helped her matched make the hijabs, brought them to the counter to pay and knowing that I will pay all these myself made me felt very happy. I didn’t know why I only felt this yesterday. It wasn’t the first time I spent my money for her but…. I just couldn’t describe it. I felt super satisfied! 

Ok, so I bought her two hijabs from the boutique. But this wasn’t the reason I wrote this. 

It was the words that came out from her mouth. At home, she thanked me for buying her the hijabs. “Thank you belikan umi tudung”. What?! MasyaAllah umi, she shouldn’t say that at all *cried inside*. That was just a verryyyy small gift and even so, it couldn’t replace all the things you’ve done for me. Gave birth to me, raised me wonderfully, protected me from any harm and cut as well as spent all the money and time for my happiness. It will never be unpaid. Forever. Huhu.

And I'm sure all of you will agree that, we wouldn’t lose anything if we give or spend for our parents. In fact, we’ll gain more ‘rezeki’ InsyaAllah. 

Until now, take care readers =)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Where I Decided to Put My Feet On and Why

I knew GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia) through my senior, Farouk Harun. Like any other normal people, being approached to join business was something I hesitated the most although i wanted to be a businesswoman so bad since I was a child. I was afraid to take the risks. I kept telling myself, “what if the business I joined was not successful”, “what if I failed to succeed” and blah, blah, blah…. But it was Farouk who approached me. One of the persons I admired and respected for his characters ever since at Macquarie University. I told myself, if Farouk could see the potentials and he already achieved something in this business, then it must be a good and trusted business. However, I did not join straight away *still finding myself other reasons to join*. Thus, I decided to try their BBplus collagen because I was bombarded by pimples at that time. Well, severe ones for me as I did not have this kind of problem before! Tried lots of supplements and products but TETTT! none of them work best (will make an entry about this soon). I tried BBplus to examine whether it was effective or not because I did not want to sell products that were not good merely to get people money. 

I wanted to help others and more importantly, to help my own family. So yeah, that was the main reason actually. It’s not that I’m a mercenary person, but I really wanted to change my family’s fortune. I wanted to be well prepared and able to give if umi, abah, tok, opah, angah and harith sick one day. I did not want to go through the same pain when I was not able to do anything when umi was diagnosed to a colon and liver cancer in 2006 and 2009. I remembered when we heard the doctor said that the operation could only promised a 50-50 chance. It was only few months before my SPM, can you imagine what I went through? It was not easy for me really, but I faked a smile and laughed to hide my pain. I wanted to shower angah and harith with branded clothes, pants and things they wanted because we could not get them like our friends could. Nonetheless, we did not feel angry for that. That was our ‘rezeki’ at that time and we were thankful for that. I just wanted to see their happy face if I could give them more. That’s all. I too longed to take my parents dine in a luxurious restaurants because I knew their sacrifice for me is abundance. Having dinner at tok’s house every evening was the only perfect meal they had every day. The rest was biscuits, breads or starved in order to save money to take us to eat outside on the weekends, paying bills, buying tok’s groceries plus our stuffs and pocket money. They did not have extra for them. I knew. Yet, I never heard they complained. 

These are the real reasons why I decided to choose this road to crawl, walk and run. I have already started walking and I will never look back. I believe in GLAM because they did not leave me walk and run alone. Leaders, classes and seminars were there to guide each step I’m taking. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for introducing me to this team. 

*Pedulikan apa orang nak cakap, they do not know my intention and what I had gone through. First step dah jalan so just do it!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Grammar Alert: Lie down VS Lay down

Hello hello,

I was thinking of using my blog as a medium to share the grammatical problems which most of us are facing but at the same time, disregard to rectify it :) I'm human and I'm not perfect, but by doing this, I could also learn when I share information with you.

Now, who is still confused with the use of 'lie' and 'lay' in sentences? Which is grammatically correct? Is it "go lie down" or "go lay down"?

In the first place, "lay" is a transitive verb and "lie" is an intransitive verb.

What is a transitive and an intransitive verb?

Transitive verb = one that takes a direct object.
Intransitive verb = one that cannot take a direct object.

For example; 

I lay the book on the table (here, book is the direct object).

 I lie down on my bed.


* Basically, "lay" is when you lay something else down.
                    "lie" is when you/someone else lie yourself/themselves down. 


The past tense of "lie" is also "lay" 

       Verb     Infinitive     Past Tense       Past Participle 
lie              lie                  lay                     lain
lay             lay                 laid                    laid 


Present tense: I lie down on my bed to rest my weary bones.
Past tense: Yesterday, I lay there thinking about what I had to do during the day.
Past participle: But I remembered that I had lain there all morning one day last week.


Present tense: As I walk past, I lay the tools on the workbench.
Past tense: As I walked past, I laid the tools on the workbench.  
Past participle: I had laid the tools on the workbench.

 Hope this will help you to understand better. Good luck!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Convocation update

Remembered when I was so excited telling you that my convocation day was just around the corner? Hey you remembered! :D Yeah I know, too late for the update haha. I was actually forgotten to post it! *please, slap me. matter million times I explain, I still can’t describe my real feelings at that time. What’s in my head was I kept on hoping that my parents would be proud of me..that I could be a remarkable example to my sister and brother.

So here it is, let the pictures speak :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My top 3 darlings

Assalamualaikum people!

Seperti yang korang tahu.. err, ok..
maybe bukan korang semua tapi yang kenal aku mesti tau yang aku ni memang seorang yang gila kucing sangat sangat! Pantang tengok....lagi lagi yang pakai stoking macam ni..
AAaahh! Memang aku rasa nak piciiiitttt je tangan die.

But sadly, aku xboleh bela kucing kat rumah sebab adik aku lelah. Dulu-dulu adela bela tapi lepas tu kena hantar pegi kedai makan wuuuu T_T Yela.. kalau letak kat kedai makan, dengan harapan diorang tak la lapar or susah cari makan. Ade jugak yang balik rumah balik lepas kena buang tu.
Terpaksalah ayah aku buang jauh sikit. Uish sedih mengimbau nostalgia lama.
 Sebak weyh!

Oklah, sekarang kita focus dekat entry kali ni. Haa, harini aku nak share top 3 buah hati pengarang jantung aku yang fames die mengalahkan selebriti-selebriti. Diorang ni dah pun dilabel as internet celebrities sebab video-video and gambar-gambar diorang have gone viral! Siapa dia? Siapa?

Jeng jeng jeng! Haaa..let me introduce them to you.. *drum roll please…

The second runner-up yang jadi buah hati jantung aku goes to…
3. Muu!! 

Aku pun sebenarnya baru tahu nama die Muu..Selama ni aku ingat nama die Yukinon.
Sebab instagram die nama Yukinon. Tapi Muu ni tak banyak info yang aku tahu pasal die sebab semua dalam bahasa Jepun. Yes, Muu ni  kira bangsa Jepun la :P
Aku suka sangat Muu ni sebab die cantik! gojes! menawan! ayu! jelita! 
Serious…cer korang tengok muka die. Cantik kan? 

Tengok tu! Nak minum air pun nak cantik..minum jelah! :P

Ekor tuu...kalau aku dapat memang aku buat feather duster!

Ok, the runner-up yang jadi pilihan aku pulaaakkk…
2. Nala!!

Isn’t she’s adorable? She’s a female Siamese/Tabby Mix. Umur baru 2 tahun setengah je.  Tuan die adopt die dari animal shelter when she was around 4 – 5 months old in November of 2010. So, die tak tahu la bila exact birthday die. Huhu touching la pulak. It’s ok! I still love you Nala!

Nala ni die playful :D

Tengok tu..siap ade casing handphone muka sendiri lagi..fames betul


Yeehaa..daaannn yang berjaya bertakhta di hati aku adalah…..Si gemokk…….
1. Maru!

Die ni.. die ni.. pantang tengok kotak.. Tak kisah la kotak besar ke, kotak kecik ke, kotak sempit ke..
Selalu perasan kurus boleh masuk. Kalau xmuat badan, kepala je pun jadi! Kalau boleh slide tu, memang die slide masuk dalam kotak.

Tengok! Tengok! Selagi boleh masuk, nak masuk jugak

Kau ni la kan Maru! Aku memang xboleh nak cakap pasal kau! Geraaammmm aku ish!

Kalau korang xcaya, korang tgk la video ni.. stress weyh..kalau dapat peluk ni memang xnk lepas-lepas dah!

Akhir kata dari saya yang mencintai makhluk Allah ini, kucing juga adalah haiwan kesayangan Rasulullah S.A.W.
Sungguhpun kita tak suka, janganlah sampai diseksa mereka :)

Dari Ibnu Umar r.a. berkata: Rasulullah saw bersabda, "Seorang perempuan disiksa karena kucing yang dikurungnya hingga mati maka ia dimasukkan ke dalam neraka disebabkan ia tidak memberi makan dan minum ketika mengurungnya dan tidak pula melepaskannya agar memakan binatang-binatang melata di bumi."
(Bukhari - Muslim) 

Ok semua! Take care..bye!