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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

There are no boundaries: glam helped me a lot! I mean a lot!

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!

Exactly a year and three months ago, I got engaged with my husband. Excited? Gila kau tak excited? Haha tapi control lagi sebab baru bertunang kan. A decision of a year engagement was made and to be honest, I was a bit worried. I was not yet posted at that time. I only worked as a part time waitress at a cafĂ©. And when I started working in July, it was just another 5 more months before my big day. Sound unstable ay? Indeed, it was. Stress started to approach, pimples said Hello! 

I tell you what, if I did not join GLAM, I seriously had no idea where to get more money for my wedding expenses. Especially in KL, you and I knew the costs right? No matter how hard we tried to save. Agreed? 

So be frank, my side income with this business helped me a lot. Well of course there were parts of the preparations that were taken over by my parents and families. My parents and I had our agreement. I had to respect that. But as for my parts, I did not have to borrow money/made any loans since I had enough with my side income. GLAM saved me! Alhamdulillah.

So to tell you, GLAM is the kind of business I want. It does not distress me at all. WHY? Because it is low capital with high return. Evidence? Me! I got married with my GLAM side income.  To be in this business is also easy. Bak kata Hanis Haizi, “tak perlu jadi INVENTOR, jalan dah ada..kita just perlu jalan je”. Don’t know how to run the business? Worry not because class about products ada, personal training dengan mentor/leader ada, seminar ada, class blogging for free ada, teamwork lagilah. You will not be alone. That is the best part! Because for me, I’ll feel inferior, and down if buat business sorang-sorang. Hehe.

Hence, the only boundary that stops you from gaining your financial freedom is YOURSELF! I believe, you wanted to try but still cakap dalam hati “tunggu dululah. Tengok dulu, tengok dia dapat ribu-ribu dulu dalam poket”. Ok, after orang tu dah dapat ribu-ribu, kita? Nak kejar dia memang lama lah sebab dia dah jauh. Kita baru nak start. I knew this because I once had this second thoughts too. So, why not start now and sama-sama dapat ribu-ribu tu. 

Here are the sneak peek of my wedding day =)

“I have no guts and confidence”. Naah…that is just another excuse. I was a girl with a low confidence too. I did not know neither how to approach nor talk with people. Hanis Haizi was a plain housewife with no working environment experience and low self-esteem. But look at her now. It’s all about OURSELVES! So, to be successful, like Hanis said, “JUST DO IT!” ala-ala trademark NIKE gitu hehe.

Hanis Haizi successful story =)


Lagipun, I always tell myself, why should I be afraid? I’m not selling drugs. I’m selling quality health products. I did not cheat. Our company is the first and only traditional healthcare company to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1996. Meaning, this company has been standing for more than 20 years and they are still standing strong. Something to be proud of! =)

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