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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A new start

Alhamdulillah. I get to make a blog. Finally :)

I've been thinking to make one since a while ago but I did not have the courage. 
So, after having thousands of times reflecting and thinking, I manage to pull my strengths out to eventually write something. Honestly, a RELIEF feeling is what I feel right now. Yeay! Kinda proud with myself! I know it's a bit exaggerated. You might say, "C'mon la.. Blog je pun..tulis jela pape".  

Well, it might easy for you :) I've always holding things back because I was afraid what others might think or say about me. Shhuuhh2! They might just be the people in my mind! Seriously, it's hard to ignore them. However, with some encouragement from my dear friends and myself, I'm now here.Writing. Alhamdulillah :) and not to forget Him. Everything happens with His will. 

So, I'm looking forward to write more and share my thoughts with all of you :) See you guys around!

Just for sharing, this guy happens to be one of those who manage to encourage me to make my first move. Enjoy his video!


  1. la lg..nk tgk more new entries!!

  2. mira comel. i will always support you sayang!

  3. waiting for uer new post..:)