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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Because She's My Everything

"Ibumu, Ibumu, Ibumu.
Kemudian baru Ayahmu".

That was the advice of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

How high a mother's place is, that we need to respect 3 times more than a father? 
That it is said, the heaven is underneath a mother's feet?

Thank you Allah  for giving me a very special & wonderful person in my life. Alhamdulillah.
Without her and abah, I may not be here until where I am right now. 

1) My mother was the one who carried me for 9 months ( I don't know how heavy I was at that time, but I'm sure I was).

2) She has raised my siblings and I with patience although we were very naughty. (flashback: with our creativity, we once drew 'lovely' paintings on atok's wall). Umi & abah had to buy new paints to paint the wall back.

3) She was a strict mother when we were little but I know, she did that because she wanted to train us to be independent & not to be spoilt. And I'm thankful for that now.

4) She never sighed that she & abah didn't have their lunch at work just to save money for our education fees. But I knew that.

5) Even greater, she did not show that she's in pain & scared with her health condition. But I knew how scared she is. You are very brave umi :') 

6) She would always put a bright smile on her face. I always wish that I could become as brave & strong as her.

7) Another things is that she never fails to understand me. My feelings. My thoughts.

Umi, I want you to know that I'll always pray for your health and that we could be together here and in Jannah. I'm sorry if angah, Harith and I did any wrongdoings & immature behaviours + thinkings.

And I'll always remember the advice that you told me,
"Imam Syafi'i berkata, Berdirilah untuk m'berikan penghormatan pada guru kerana kedudukannya mendekati para Rasul. Adakah para guru menyedari tanggungjawab kerasulan yang terpikul di atas bahu2 mereka?"

I'll try my best to make you proud of me. Happy forever mother's day umi. You are not deserved to have only a day as your special day. Everyday is my mother's day :) I love you and will always be. Because you are special everything to me :) Thank you umi :)

And not to forget, to all the mothers in the world as well :) May Allah bless you always. Amin..

Credit to zawa for helping me to make this video :)


  1. Thank you so much dear...umi feel so speechless only Allah SWT know how I feel..I'm so proud of you..

    Just a little advice for you...Where ever you matter where u r...we still small beside Allah SWT...D situ langit d junjung kita ttp berpaksi di bumi Allah SWT...

    LOVE you so much... & miss you ! Take care syg..

  2. i'm glad you like it umi :)

    InsyaAllah will always remember your advice :)

    love you too umi..can't wait to see you! Take care kt sana :)

  3. As a reward umi will give you RM1000 :P